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BBNDRY helps businesses get higher visibility in Search Engines through Certified professionals who apply data science to form expert analysis. We plan out the website’s SEO approach to keep your website traffic ahead of your growth plans.


Our Key SEO Expertise

Nothing is better than natural traffic

Why is SEO so Important?

SEO is critical for a website. Without any SEO, it will rank nowhere on search engines and won't get any search traffic. A lack of SEO will lead to a site not being found by potential customers in their internet searches.

What's Our SEO Process?

We have a conversation about your SEO needs, what's important for you in the short term and your long-term goals. This is to understandwhat you're attempting to achieve with the keywords you want to rank up on search engines. We'll provide you with some options after the initial consultation and walk you through the best solutions for your SEO goals.

Nothing is better than natural traffic


Technical SEO

Technical SEO

We’ll prepare a Technical SEO Audit and Analysis report comprising of 100+ SEO factors that might hurt your website rankings. Each Website we create or start working on is checked thoroughly through these elements.


  •  On page Optimization
  •  Off Page audit
  •  Competitor Analysis
  •  Content Ideas (keyword research)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg

Strategic Evaluation

Strategic Evaluation

Defining the right target audience and implementing plans to produce content according to their interests. It’s just one side of the coin.


  •  Audit recent SEO
  •  Industry & user analysis
  •  Identify best channels
  •  Planaction strategy
Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Are those key phrases available? What’s the competition I am taking on? Do I have a shot to outrank competitors? What are the alternatives?

With keyword research you get:


  •  Researchyour market
  •  Identify competitor keywords
  •  Create focuskeywords
  •  Define search intent
Link Building

Link Building

There is enough evidence and research studies to suggest that without having a quality link building profile, it is 3 times more difficult to rank your website.


  •  Audit current link profile
  •  Create link building strategy
  •  Back link from relevant platforms
  •  Secure PR coverage
Local SEO

Local SEO

Have a local business or cater to a selected region? We love that kind of venture and our SEOs take great pride in creating success for small businesses.


  •  Get local citations
  •  Listed on Google Maps
  •  List your locations
  •  Get on Google Business page
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

When it comes to a flourishing local business, we feel like this is one of our strengths. Our specialty in the menu of services is we can really expand reach via highly engaging content.


  •  Copywriting services
  •  Video Content for Social
  •  Graphics for sharing
  •  Content ideas & strategies
Why work with Beyond Boundary

Why work with Beyond Boundary

Dedicated SEO Agency

This is where we create our magic of combining data-driven analysis with the right set of targeting to offer websites long-term sustainable traffic growth. It doesn't stop at on-page or keyword research, that's just a starting point. Where are we going to build links, what will be the KPIs? etc

Quick Response

We make sure that your website has improved visibility for search terms that define anything that overlaps with your business. For example, if you sell dog food, we will target every possible search term put into Google by dog owners to draw their attention.

Branding & Creatives In-house

Producing engaging content and maintaining a well-directed website with each of the landing pages laid out in the best interests of users.

Engage Your Customers

Producing engaging content and maintaining a well-directed website with each of the landing pages laid out in the best interests of users. Search Engines love such websites that provide value to their users and we are going to make sure, we achieve JUST THAT.