Introduction to Web Design at BBNDRY

We decided to do a quality evaluation of our SEO process in 2021; having few firms opened due to the pandemic, it is important to have visibility as part of the search engine. We now have to ensure the integration of SEO into our web development to give each new website the ability to have an unique ranking in every search that pops up when they launch their site. Our processes incorporate all the useful on and off pages of SEO elements into consideration to make sure that your design doesn't worsen due to reconstruction.

What is SEO?

It stands for "search engine." It involves increasing the quality and quantity of traffic generated by a website. It also gives room for brand exposure improvement via the organic search engine result.


Why your website needs Search Engine Optimisation

There is no doubt that SEO's main focus is on the improvement of organic ranking. However, a great deal of work is also done behind closed doors to improve visibility. To exemplify, you can use content marketing to gain a relevant link from external sites to give Google the impression that you are respected in your field. 

So why is SEO important for your site?

Empowered SEO means better user experience: SEO gives room for UX to be one step ahead. Slowing down your website to sort out SEO issues can equate to finding problems that are detrimental to the user experience on your site. Google itself already has a way of interpreting unpleasant user’s experience and downgrading or even penalising your site on their search results if the site is not user friendly, so a positive users experience is a determining factor in website success in organic search.

More traffic and engagement: a lot of time, you will generate more clicks from a highly placed organic listing than a paid advert. Studies show that 70% to 80% of web users focus solely on an organic result and pay no attention to paid advert. 
SEO is maintainable: SEO is one of the marketing platforms that, if set up properly and sustained well enough, will yield benefit over time.

If your website is filled with solid content that the users want, it will continue to produce steady traffic. 
Helps Google find and understand your content: after all, is said, optimization of your website content via SEO methods will enable major search engines, such as Google comprehend your site more. In addition, improving your site will help deliver simple and clear signals to search engines so that your content can be appropriately indexed and seen within search results.


How we do it


1.     Launch a Consultation Meeting

We gather crucial information to optimize your site to attract the desired traffic; It's crucial to attract the right users who interact with your brand and eventually convert. The more we know about you and your brand, the more accurately we can optimize your site to appear in all search engines. 


2.    Audit Your Current Site

Once we have access to Google Analytics and Search Console, we determine your site's most important page. This process includes looking at which pages have the surest backlinks which will cause traffic to your site. Then, we can easily determine important pages that need maintenance on your website. Also, we will check for the page that can affect the search engine on your website and ensure they don’t move to the new website.


3.    Design and Web Development Considerations

SEO must be considered from the very beginning of web creation. Our SEO experts ensure your website is SEO-friendly in every possible way. For example, we ensure that the architecture of information on your site is user-friendly and you have meaningful anchors in your content that allows users to navigate.


4.    Keyword and Competitor Research

Adequate research must be done before any SEO can come into play; any SEO campaign needs to understand the target market; this research enables us to see how competitors are achieving high rankings, which will determine our strategy. We also find areas users are interested in under the umbrella of your core products and services. For example, do they want to know how your software can be integrated into their existing tools? 


5.    Content Optimization

Once we have evaluated the target keywords will provide you with the appropriate and relevant traffic, we will provide you with SEO-friendly make over including updates on meta titles and pages titles that give Google an understanding of your keywords and why your content is still relevant.


6.    Redirect Strategy

Here your old content is matched with the new ones so that Google understands that your new content has a new home. For example redirecting an article that was on an old web page to a new page and we may recommend that content is also updated so that search engines understand the new content is still relevant


7.    After Launch Site Monitoring

 We advise that you get our site-grooming package 100% performance. For our lifetime partner, we always do a follow-up on the site to prevent any anomaly.  We are always glad to provide continuous support for those willing to have it, including content writing, building links, and other services




Proper execution of SEO can lead to tremendous success for your business. We look forward to hearing about how you want to to raise your search engine visibility and working with you soon!